Several professors conduct research on aging through the Gerontology Center. Research conducted by these professors has been presented at national conferences and published in professional journals. The general goal of this research is to expand our knowledge of cognitive functioning and mental health among older adults, and how older adults can maintain their well-being.

In order for this research to be completed, older adults are needed to participate in research projects with UCCS. Your participation would help add to our knowledge of human aging, mental health, and ways to maintain older adults' well-being. Every research project has met the high standards of quality of an Institutional Review Board. Some projects involve payment to people who participate, and others are conducted on a volunteer basis. Please consider participating in a research study. If you would like to join our list of people willing to participate in research, please click here.

Below are UCCS faculty who are currently conducting research through the Gerontology Center:

  • Hasker Davis, Ph.D.
  • Leilani Feliciano, Ph.D.
  • Lori James, Ph.D.
  • Brandon Gavett, Ph.D.
  • Michael Kisley, Ph.D.
  • Mary Ann Kluge, Ph.D.
  • Molly Maxfield, Ph.D.
  • Tom Pyszczynski, Ph.D.
  • Sara Qualls, Ph.D.
  • Daniel Segal, Ph.D.
  • Amy Silva-Smith, Ph.D.

Research Opportunities

Volunteer to help out! The following faculty would love to hear from you today.

  • Dr. Hasker Davis: Memory and Cognition Studies- 255-4148
  • Dr. Lori James: Memory and Language Studies- 255-4172
  • Dr. Michael Kisley- Brain Function and Aging- 255-4177
  • Dr. Dan Segal- Mental Health and Aging- 255-4176