Faculty Affiliates

Stephen Bender Associate Director of Continuing Education, Gerontology Center
Charles Benight Psychology
Melissa Benton Nursing & Health Sciences
Jacqueline Berning Health Sciences
Mary Ann Cutter Philosophy
Hasker Davis Psychology
Michelle Dorne Anthropology
Leilani Feliciano Psychology
Sheri Gibson Gerontology
Edith Greene Psychology
Andrea Hutchins Health Sciences
Lori James Psychology
Michael A. Kisley Psychology
Mary Ann Kluge Health Sciences
K. Maja Krakowiak Communications
Michelle LeCompte HealthCircle Center for Active Living
Joye Levy Theatreworks/Visual and Performing Arts
Molly Maxfield Psychology
Michele Okun HealthCircle Lane Center Research
Eugenia Olesnicky-Killian Biology
Tom Pyszczynski Psychology
Sara Qualls Psychology
Melissa Schuchman Gerontology
Daniel Segal Psychology
Sudhanshu Kumar Semwal Computer Science
Emily Skop Geography
Amy Silva-Smith Nursing
Carmen Stavrositu Communications
Morgen Thomas Sociology
James Van Scotter Business