Department of Geography & Environmental Studies

Undergraduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science (GIScience)

DEM of San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado(Revised March, 2017)

IMPORTANT: Beginning Fall 2015, a new GIScience Certificate plan was developed (as described below).  Students who started work on the GIScience Certificate before Fall 2015 may follow the old GIScience Certificate requirements or may opt to use the new GIScience Certificate requirements.  All students beginning GIScience Certificate work during or after Fall 2015 are required to follow the new requirements.

The undergraduate GIScience certificate program consists of three required and two elective courses. Students seeking the certificate must already be students at UCCS in any department or any major. To be eligible for the certificate, students must earn at least 19 credits, of which 12 will be from the required courses.  Students must then pick one course from Elective Set One, and one course from Elective Set Two. A grade of at least a "C" must be earned for all the certificate courses. 

Applying for the Undergraduate Certificate in GIScience:

Students shall complete an application to be submitted to the certificate coordinator, Dr. Diep Dao (  The application will include demographic information (name, address, phone and e-mail), the courses required, and the expected completion date.

Three Required Courses (15 -16 credits) 

1. Introduction to GIS (GES 3030) - 4 credits
2. Introduction to Remote Sensing (GES 3060) - 4 credits
3. Advanced GIS (GES 4080) - 4 credits (GES 3030 is a prerequisite)
Elective Set One: Pick One Class (3 or 4 credits) 
Note: If students intend to choose GES 4120 from Elective Set Two, GES 4130 is a prerequisite
1. Digital Earth (GES 2050) - 4 credits (Note: do NOT choose this option if you have already taken GES 3030 or GES 3060)
2. Cartography (GES 3050) - 4 credits
3. Digital Field Mapping with GPS (GES 3100) - 3 credits
4. Statistical Analysis in Geography (GES 4000) - 4 credits
5. Introduction to Geospatial Computing (GES 4130) - 4 credits (GES 3030 is a prerequisite; GES 3060 is recommended)
Elective Set Two: Pick One Class (4 credits)

6. Geovisualization (GES 4070) - 4 credits (GES 3030 is a prerequisite; GES 4130 is recommended)
7. Image Processing (GES 4090) - 4 credits (GES 3060 is a prerequisite)
8. Internet GIS (GES 4120) - 4 credits  (GES 3030 and GES 4130 are prerequisites)
9. Spatial Database (GES 4700) - 4 credits (Geographic Issues class-will get a unique number in the future)