Geography Students Collaboration

Colorado Springs Historic Map Explorer
With assistance from GES students, Colorado Springs-based Tierra Plan LLC has launched this interactive map site. The site utilizes a collection of 24 historic maps provided by the City of Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum. Use this site to explore the history and landscapes of the Colorado Springs region.
UCCS 50th Anniversary Campus Map
This project was first developed in Spring, 2015, to celebrate the UCCS 50th anniversary. The interactive web application allows you to scroll through each year of the campus' history to see buildings, roads, parking lots, sports fields, and property boundaries appear and sometimes disappear.
Colorado Springs and Vicinity Natural Hazard Explorer
This project utilizes ESRI's Story Maps to highlight a variety of natural hazards present within the Colorado Springs, CO area. Each map within the application provides information about the hazard as it relates to Colorado Springs and gives the general location of where these hazards may have an impact. A search function is included with each map that can be used to look up an address and examine if a hazard has the potential to affect that particular location. The maps are a compilation of existing data on natural hazard locations and potential.
Story of Us: Explore the Geography of the Pikes Peak Region
Explore the historical geography of Colorado Springs through rich geospatial media. This digital humanities project is housed at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and was created in collaboration with GES professor John Harner and local geospatial firm TierraPlan, LLC, owned and run by Kevin Knapp, an MA graduate of the GES department.
Guadalajara Sustainable Landuse Calculator
This GIS-based website, written in English and Spanish, allows you to evaluate any proposed new land use in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, Mexico. The interface uses a dynamic map to select a location where you are considering opening or building new retail, industry, housing, or service units. This planning tool will help determine whether your new land use is compatible with nearby existing land uses. You will receive an impact report that will define: 1) Demographic and economic information for the immediate surrounding area; and 2) A ranking for the land use impact that can be used as a preliminary evaluation of the suitability for your land use in the site you selected.