Graduate Theses


Cook, Justin
A Tale of Thirty Cities: Effects of the Great Recession on Fertility in the United States
Advisor: Emily Skop

Knaus, Dustin
Temporal Risk Terrain Modeling of Aggravated Assaults in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Advisor: John Harner

Santa Cruz, Sara
The UCCS Greenhouse and Farm: Reconnecting People, Place, and Food
Advisor: John Harner

Tredway, Jeremy
Exploring The Potential Impact of Low Impact Development (LID) Techniques on Runoff and Streamflow in the Templeton Gap Watershed
Advisor: David Havlick



Benton, Shiloh
Alan Savory's Holistic Planned Grazing--Past, Present, Future
Advisor: Tom Huber

Hendrickson, Josh
An Exploration of Community Gardens and Denver Gentrification
Advisor: John Harner

Sturgis, David
Evaluating User Experience of Situational Awareness Technology in Wildfire Response
Advisor: Paddington Hodza



Bellizio, Bret
Wildlife Population Estimation Utilizing Satellite Imagery
Advisor: Cerian Gibbes

Best, Brian
Taco Trucks vs. Trendy Trucks: Inequality and the Geography of Mobile Food Vendors in Austin, Texas
Advisor: Emily Skop

Hassler, Andrea
Restoration in the Hayman Burn Area: A Multi-Modal Analysis of the Integration of Social and Ecological Values and Land Cover Change in a Post-Fire Restoration Case Study
Advisor: David Havlick

Pittman, Kari M.
Between Rock Art and Graffiti: Identifying Culture Change and Ethnic Interactions in the Borderlands of Southeastern Colorado using a Customized Geospatial Typology
Advisor: Brandon Vogt

Siebert, Nate
Agents of Gentrification: Police Surveillance in the Mile-High City
Advisor: John Harner

Walke, Peter
Understanding Traditional Neighborhood Marketing: A Case Study of the Patty Jewett Neighborhood
Advisor: John Harner



John, Matthew
Sehnsucht as a Construct for Understanding Attachments to Beautiful, Natural Places
Advisor: David Havlick

Martin, Sarah
Sustainability Actions and Values: the Colorado Outdoor Education Center Case
Advisor: Tom Huber

Muhlestein, Geoffrey
An Evaluation of a GIS Based Procedure for Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation over the Piru Creek Basin
Advisor: Brandon Vogt

Winters, Scott
Spatial modeling of residential water use in Colorado Springs between 2000 and 2009
Advisor: Paddington Hodza



Davis, John
Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) Nesting Sites: Snag Availability in the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
Advisor: Curt Holder

Gilford, Kevin
Advancing Sustainability in Higher Education: A Case Study Aligning STARS with the Values of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Advisor: John Harner

Hollamby, Ryan
The Massenerhebung Effect: Exploring Treeline Elevation Differences between the Pikes Peak Massif and the Elk Mountain Range, Colorado, USA
Advisor: Brandon Vogt

Housey, Melissa
Reducing Gap Failures in Hazard Mitigation Using State Environmental Policy Acts: The California Environmental Quality Act Approach
Advisor: David Havlick

Wooley, David
Remote Sensing Measurement of Green Vegetation Change Using the NDVI and Tasseled Cap Greenness Indices in the Department of Chiquimula, Guatemala, 1992-2005
Advisor: Curt Holder



Benz, Bradley
Growth Trends of Ex-Rural Colorado and a Ranchette Case Study of La Plata County
Advisor: John Harner

Delano, Sara
Comparative Analysis of Soil Water Repellency Due to Vegetation Effects
Advisor: Curt Holder

Dukes, Andy
A GIS Analysis of Crime Hotspots and Demographics in Colorado Springs
Advisor: Paddington Hodza

Fields, Jason
Developing a Web Application for Crime Mapping to Promote Community Empowerment
Advisor: John Harner

Hagerman, Doug
Sequence of Flooding of Urban Neighborhoods as Rainstorm Size Increases
Advisor: Tom Huber

Hesse, Mark
A Plan for Managing Multiday Visitation and Camping in South Colony Lake Basin, Sangre de Cristo Wilderness
Advisor: Tom Huber

Lynn, Sheree
Effects of River Diversions on Macro Invertebrate Populations
Advisor: Steve Jennings