Current (Fall 2019) Graduate Students

Ryan Ballard. Co-advisors: Dr. Diep Dao, Dr. Emily Skop. Topic: Chinese Settlements in Denver County, Colorado, Using Real Property Ownerships from 1980 to 2018

Joseph Buchheit. Advisor: Dr. David Havlick. Topic: Conservation Efforts and Sustainability 

Thomas Burkhart. Advisor: Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: Government Response to Ground Water Contamination in southern Colorado Springs

Frank Chimento. Advisor: Dr. Brandon Vogt. Topic: Using Lichenometric and Cosmogenic Nuclide Methods for Surface Exposure Dating of Rock Glaciers 

Zach Cleland. Advisor: Dr. Diep Dao. Topic: Recreational Activities and Human Caused Wildfire in Colorado

Kimberley Clough. Advisor: Dr. Emily Skop. Topic: Human Geography

Mary Beth Coker. Advisor: Dr. Emily Skop. Topic: Inequality of Neighborhood Parks in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Kasia Grudzinski. Advisor: Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: Ecohydrology, Water Sustainability, and Human-Environment Interactions

Ashley Joyal. Advisor: Dr. Emily Skop. Topic: A Study of Local Media Portrayal of Undocumented Latino Immigration In US Immigrant Gateways

Heather Kershner. Advisor: Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: Conservation Ecology of Coastal Ecosystems

Dwayne Liller. Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Theobald. Topic: Evaluating Redistricting Methodologies in a Geographically Diverse State

Eric Maez. Advisor: Dr. David Havlick. Topic: The Role of Hydrologic Processes / Water Resources in Restoration Efforts

Kelley Matthews. Advisor: Dr. Brandon Vogt. Topic: Stormwater Drainage Transition Zones - Analysis of Erosion and Sediment Deposition at the Banks of Monument Creek from Three Scenarios

Kevin Pflug. Advisor: Dr. Brandon Vogt. Topic: Geography of Treeline on the Pikes Peak Massif

Kaleb Pietkoski. Advisor: Dr. John Harner. Topic: Environmental Justice and Food Access

Andrew Rippe. Advisor: Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: Water Use on Campus and How It Contributes to A Sense of Place

Natalie Rodriguez. Advisor: Dr. David Havlick. Topic: Aftermath of Conservation: Community Needs Assessment of Batwa Pygmies in East Africa

Josh Rogerson. Advisor: Dr. Diep Dao. Topic: GIScience

Devin Roush. Advisor: Dr. Brandon Vogt. Topic: Hail's Contribution to Precipitation: A Case Study of the August 6, 2018 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Large Hail Event

Erylin Serra-Ward. Advisor: Dr. Cerian Gibbes. Topic:

Alyssa Tews. Advisor: Dr. Steve Jennings. Topic: GIS Prediction Modeling for Grey Wolves in Colorado, USA

Travis Wright. Advisor: Dr. Diep Dao. Topic: Gentrification and Its Effects On Crime Over Space and Time