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Geography Students Collaboration
Forest Hydrology Research Lab - Lab Director Curt Holder
The Forest Hydrology Research Lab investigates the influence of vegetation characteristics in generating water for communities. Current research projects examine the extent to which leaf hydrophobicity influences canopy storage capacity in common species of the semi-arid Western United States and two sites in Guatemala. Data collected in the lab will increase our understanding of hydrological processes to inform the planning and management of vegetation cover in watersheds contributing as raw water source regions for municipalities.
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Forest Hydrology Lab
Geomorphology Research Lab - Lab Director Brandon Vogt
Geomorphology is the study of landsurfaces (landscapes and landforms) and seeks to understand processes that create and change Earth surfaces. As an interdisciplinary science, geomorphology examines the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and anthrosphere. Research tools available include a Leica-Geosystems ScanStation C10 3D laser scanner, a CST/Berger 205 electronic total station, a thin-section rock saw, a drying oven, various GPS receivers, and a suite of field instruments for measurement and data collection. Software environments available include IDRISI, ArcGIS Desktop, and Leica Cyclone.
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Geomorphology Lab
Geospatial Technology Lab – Lab Director Devin Moeller
Several computer facilities at the university and within GES are well-equipped with technologies critical for the analysis and presentation of geospatial data. GES laboratories focus on computer cartography, geographic information systems, and remote sensing software and products. PCs are outfitted with all ESRI GIS products, including ArcGIS, ArcServer, and ArcSDE. The laboratories provide access to ENVI, ERDAS, Feature Analyst, IDRISI, Surfer, MapViewer, Grapher, TransCAD, Trimble Pathfinder, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium 6, and SPSS. For more information, contact Devin Moeller (
Geospatial Technology Laboratory