Department Highlights

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  • In a 2009 external review of our department, the reviewers stated “the program reflects a level of excellence rarely found in regional state university settings. We encountered a dynamic group of faculty, staff, and students who are enthusiastic about their program… If there is a department that captures and reflects the university’s mission statement about providing “unsurpassed, student-centered teaching and learning, and outstanding research…that serve our community, state, and nation,” GES is certainly one of the most notable for this institution.”
  • The department also prides itself for being recognized as one of the university’s “Unique and High-Need” Programs; indeed, it is the only program in the College to receive that distinction. In part, this distinction comes from the department's commitment to sustainability studies and geospatial technologies. GES is a program of excellence in all facets of teaching, research, and service and models “best practices” within the discipline of geography.
  • Our faculty have produced an impressive number of pure and applied publications. The quality and quantity of publications in peer-reviewed outlets is on par with many Tier I (Carnegie classification) institutions. Faculty in the department are committed to a high level of scholarship and support one another in pursuing academic achievement. This is a key strength, and ensures not only the success of GES faculty, but also provides an excellent example to the graduate and undergraduate students.
  • The department has an excellent record of obtaining external funding. Based on a report from the UCCS Office of Sponsored Programs, the department’s awards totaled nearly $1,000,000 as of 2012. These grants have been a critical source of graduate student funding. As a result, many graduate student have gained not only essential financial support but also indispensable experience as “research assistants” for GES faculty working on cutting-edge projects.
  • Recent hires have only solidified the reputation of the GES department. Many of these new hires to the department already had an outstanding reputation in the discipline and/or are poised to make significant contributions in the future.
  • GES faculty serve on editorial boards of the discipline’s top journals, hold key positions in the discipline’s largest professional organization, and serve as board members and/or consultants for numerous local and regional community organizations, illustrating that the GES faculty has exceptional standing in many different settings.