Bike Lock Program

A student helping another student borrow a bike lock at the KFL circulation desk

Bike Lock Program

Fall 2013 - Transportation
Molly Mulligan and Carla Myers

Project Overview

The Kraemer Family Borrow a Bike Lock Program is a new program to allow patrons to check-out a high quality bike lock in order to secure their bicycle to any campus bike rack. Five locks will be available for check-out as part of this pilot program.

This program will offer patrons who have forgotten their bike lock an alternative to leaving their bikes unsecured or attempting to bring their bikes inside UCCS facilities (which is in violation of university code). Bike locks will be available for for check-out at the Main Circulation Desk.  Bike locks will circulate for 24-hours to patrons who are registered with the library and present a valid photo ID at the time of check-out.  The patron must agree to the terms of the program and sign a liability waiver accepting all legal liability associated with the operation of the bicycle lock and key. The Kraemer Family Library will not be responsible for any damage the bike lock may cause to bikes and will not be held responsible if a bike is stolen while using one of the borrowed locks.  Overdue fines will accrue for each hour the lock is overdue.  Patron who break, significantly damage, or lose a lock and/or key will be responsible for replacement.