Frequently Asked Questions

Word cloud in the shape of a light bulb with words like 'legacy' 'pride' 'smaller footprint' 'innovation' 'invest in your environment' 'affecting our own world' 'teamwork' What is the purpose of Green Action Fund?
Green Action Fund wants to make UCCS more sustainable through student-proposed projects! We want to fund your ideas that help reduce our carbon footprint, educate the student body on social justice issues, reduce campus utility costs, and more. Essentially, we want to invest in student-led, sustainable initiatives.

Who can apply?
You! Your friend! Your group working on a class project! Anyone at UCCS can apply for funding. Check our 5 pillars and if your project aligns with them, reach out to our Project Coordinator to schedule an overview meeting.

What kind of resources do you provide to potential project proposers?
Our Project Coordinator is here to help you through the process! We want you to be successful, so the PC will review your proposals and help strengthen them. It's best to contact the PC early, so you have the best information at the start of your application.

How is the fund, well, funded?
Students! Students have voted to have a $5 per semester per student fee. It's like a fancy latte each semester going to a larger pool to create really awesome student projects and experiences. We can do cooler things as a collective.

How are projects voted to receive funding?
Students! GAF is a student-led committee who use rubrics to rate the applications based on the 5 pillars. This way all applications receive the same, fair reviews from all committee members.

Can I join the committee?
Definitely! We want students from across campus to have a representative voice on the committee.

Do other campuses have a green fund?
Some do, but most don't. This opportunity for students to receive funding and turn a theoretical idea into practical applications is one of the great reasons Green Action Fund has been so successful.

What types of projects have received funding?
Check out the projects page and our projects map to learn more!