Professor Expectations

Professor Expectations: Tips from Instructors about Academic Professionalism

Being a student is a full-time job! It is important that you engage your education in the same way you would any other career goal. Academic Professionalism is the application of career appropriate behaviors to your educational experience. Just as you would find at a new job, there are best practices to follow in college. Your instructors are not only your "supervisors" but are collaborators in your learning experience. Each instructor will have different rules and expectations, but all of them want you to be successful in your academic pursuits. Here are a few tips to start your academic career prepared:

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Remember, college is the training ground for your professional ambitions. When you form good academic habits, you are laying the foundation for good future professional habits. Remember, each instructor is different and will have different expectations. By developing habits that exhibit your Academic Professionalism, you show you are serious about your academic goals and how they influence your future endeavors.