Census Date


Census Date

Census date vs. Dropping a class

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Your first semester in college is an exciting time and the start of an awesome journey. While there are many exciting and fun aspects of being a new student on a college campus, you may also feel a little overwhelmed at times. You may experience having countless people telling you about different, deadlines, resources, etc. which can result in information overload. How could you possibly retain all of that information? No worries! That is why asking questions is so important. One piece of information often forgotten is the importance of Census Date.

What is Census date?

The Census Date is the point in a semester at which your enrollment/course schedule is locked-in for financial aid purposes. At this point in the term, credit hours are locked-in and financial aid for the term is adjusted to reflect your official enrolled credits.

What does it mean to drop a class?

Each semester you will spend a good amount of time preparing your class schedule. You will meet with your academic advisor to come up with a plan that meets your degree requirements and fits with your priorities outside of the classroom such as work, clubs, sports, etc. Sometimes you can create the perfect schedule and something comes up, requiring you to drop a class. No worries, it happens! Just make sure that all course schedule adjustments are done before census date if at all possible!

When a student drops a class before the census date, the student will not be billed for the class, and there will not be any negative academic repercussions. Students who drop after the census date will be billed for the class (not eligible for a partial tuition refund) and will receive a "W" on their transcript. Note: Shortened or condensed courses have different add, drop, and refund deadlines.  Make sure you are working with your Academic Advisor to understand these deadlines.  

Will I automatically be dropped from a class if I do not show up?

The answer is no! Students that stop attending class and do not follow the official drop process for the University will be given a grade of F at the end of the semester and tuition for this course/s is still billed. Make sure to check-in with your academic Advisor prior to census date to ensure your schedule corresponds well with your academic degree plan.