What to bring to class.

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What to Bring to Class

What to bring to class

Your first day of classes at UCCS is finally approaching!  You're probably excited, yet nervous, and hoping that you make a good first impression.  You are not alone in all of those feelings.  Probably every other first-year student is feeling similar.  How can you ease your nerves?  You can go to your first class prepared!  This may seem obvious, but we wanted to give you a list of things to have with you for your first day in order to feel prepared when you are not sure what to expect.  So, here we go:

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1. Your class schedule.  Chances are, you've already scoped out where all of your classes are on campus, but with all of those nerves, you may forget.  To be safe, have a copy with you, or take a screen shot and save it on your phone.

2. Print your syllabus.  If you've got access to your class syllabus before the first day (probably through Blackboard), print a copy, skim it over, and be prepared with any questions you may have.  It's likely that your instructor will bring a copy for you, but better to be safe than sorry!  When looking over your syllabus, do any required readings that might be assigned for the first day.  Not many classes will have required readings before school actually begins, but you will definitely find a few that do.  Take time to do the readings, and be prepared with questions and comments on the first day, this will also make a good first impression!

3. Your required textbook(s).  Even if you don't have access to the syllabus, that doesn't mean your instructor won't assign an in-class reading the first day.  You can figure out what textbooks are required through the Bookstore website (find directions on how to do that here), so you don't need to wait until the first day of class.  If the book is marked as required, don't be that student who asks, "Do I need the book for class?"  Go ahead and get it!

4. A notebook and pen/pencil.  It may seem obvious, but don't forget to come prepared to take notes on the first day of class, whether it be about the class content or important dates that the instructor goes over.  You don't want to miss any important information from the first day!

5. Bring coffee or water.  Whether it be an early morning class, or a late night class, coffee can help you overcome that feeling of tired!  After a week of Clyde's Kickoff, there is a good chance you're going to be tired.  Don't drink coffee?  That's ok! Bring tea, water, or something else to keep you hydrated and focused during class.

6. Bring your confident self!  Don't forget, you got to this point for a reason.  You've proven you deserve to be here, and if you've prepared everything else from the list, you're going to start your time at UCCS off right.  Come with a positive attitude, ready to meet new people, and there's no way you won't make a great first impression!