Syllabus: how to read it and what does it mean

You will hear the word syllabus often during your college career.  Maybe this is a term that you are familiar with, but maybe for some of you, you are thinking, "How do I even spell that?!"  This section will help you learn what a syllabus is and why it is important to use with your classes.

This of a syllabus as a guide or outline for each of your classes.  Every college class that you will go into will have one.  Many times in high school, students are told that they will never get reminders for up-coming assignments and tests, and this is some-what true, except for students always having access to the syllabus with the schedule.  it is up to the student to sue the syllabus as their reminders of important due dates.  Usually you will be handed a syllabus on the first day of class, and your professor will go over it with you and their expectations for the class.  However, if you might loss the syllabus, professors will typically post it online for the student to always have access. 

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