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There are many benefits to having a job on campus.  In fact, students who have a job on campus typically do better in their academic studies.  This is because students have others to help hold them accountable, jobs on-campus will work around a student's schedule, they are able to occupy  time during the week to help students actually stay more organized, and lastly, the job on campus cannot go beyond 20-25 hours a week so students do not overwork themselves.  Jobs for the fall 2017 semester have already started to be posted online through the Student Employment Assistance Network (SEAN).  SEAN will give students insight on on-campus jobs as well as some off-campus jobs.  Make sure to have a resume ready to apply, and follow the steps below to learn how to navigate and look for jobs that might be a good fit for you!

Disclaimer: Please make sure to check out the off-campus jobs closely, as sometimes if they sound too good to be true, confirm what they are offering and do research on the company.  Also, know that sometimes off-campus jobs will not be as flexible with your hours when setting up your work schedule, make it clear what your class schedule is to work around those times.

Step 1: Search for SEAN through the UCCS website

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Step 2: Login to SEAN using your UCCS Student Portal information

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Step 3: Search for jobs within SEAN

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Step 4: Determine if the job is on of off-campus

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Step 5: Looking at a important information about a specific job

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