Managing Time

Managing your time as a college student

As you transition from high school to college, the way you manage your time might change drastically.  In high school, you had a set schedule for the day, whereas in college you will have many hours to fill in between classes.  Often, students use all of their new free time to procrastinate in getting their school work done.

Tip: For every 1 credit hour you are in, you should be studying 2-3 hours, so if you are in 12 credit hours (full-time college students), you should expect to study at least 24-36 hours on your own for your classes.

This can be surprising for some students, but when you think about it, that is about the same amount of time that you spend sitting in your high school classes per week.  The big difference is that you are in charge of your schedule.  Students who make a time management schedule for themselves early on have an easier time keeping up with class work and feeling prepared for tests than those who end up cramming for tests the night before.

To help you start planning your time management schedule, we would like to provide you with a semester calendar, as well as a weekly planner to help guide you in figuring out how you will spend your time on a weekly basis.

Fall 2017 Calendar Button Weekly Calender


If you would like some help in building a schedule that works best for you, please contact the Office of First Year Experience at 719-255-3570 or attend one of the Academic Skills Workshops to learn more about how to fit in the recommended hours of study time into your busy (or not so busy) schedule.

You can also find student examples of the semester and weekly schedules here.