Gateway Seminar Program

Gateway Seminar

Gateway Seminar Program (GPS)

Gateway Program Seminar (GPS)

If you are a new, in-coming Freshman student, you will probably sign up for a GPS1010 course sometime in your first year.  As part of the Compass Curriculum at UCCS, students need to take GPS1010 as part of their graduation requirements. 

Gateway Program Seminar is a unique, academic course designed for the interests and needs of UCCS freshmen. This required course exposes students to in-depth analysis of an interdisciplinary topic or academic discipline while also preparing first year students for academic and psychological adjustments to college life. Talented UCCS faculty and staff work collaboratively in GPS to provide meaningful, enriching academic experiences to help students successfully navigate the freshman year.

One of the most important events to be aware of at the star of your Freshmen fall semester is Start Up Days.  You must attend if you are enrolled in GPS1010 for the fall 2017 semester.  They take place on August 17-18, 2017.  You can find more detailed information on your GPS1010 course here.