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One of the most common questions that students ask as they prepare for their first semester is, "How do I order my books?"  The UCCS Bookstore has tools to make your search easy and efficient in finding your books for the best price.  When searching through the UCCS Bookstore, there will already be price comparisons with other popular online places to buy books, giving you many options to see prices all in one spot.  Follow the steps below to learn how to search for your textbooks using the UCCS Bookstore as a starting point.

Step 1: Download your Class Schedule - Having your class schedule available makes the process of finding your books easier.  You can download the weekly view or list view version from your UCCS Student Portal so that you have access to the class number and section (example: COMM3240-001; the class number is right after the letters, and the class section are the three numbers that come after the dash).  You can see an example of a class schedule here.


Step 2: Visit the UCCS Bookstore website to purchase and price compare textbooks - Once on the website, select Textbooks then Click Here to Find Your Course Textbooks. The link will direct you to a screen that looks like this:

Bookstore Search


Step 3: Add your schedule - Once you are at this web page, simply plug in your class schedule.  At times, courses textbooks may not be seen.  If you are unsure if you truly do not have a book for that class or if the professor has not chosen the textbook yet, email your professor or check your syllabus to see if it mentions a textbook.

Bookstore Class Schedule


Step 4: Compare your books - On the left, you will see books for your specific course. By using the online bookstore, you can compare prices automatically.  The website lists third party sellers for you to compare and choose the most cost effective. At times, you might find that books might be cheaper on a third party website like Amazon or Ebay (which are not listed on the UCCS Bookstore website). 

Bookstore Checkout

To ensure you purchase the right book when searching other seller websites, be sure to copy and use the ISBN number listed on the bookstore website. The ISBN is highlighted below:

Bookstore Checkout 2


Additionally, be sure to check whether the textbook is required or optional.  At times, faculty recommend textbooks for supplemental reading but do not require them.

If you choose to use a third party seller, simply search the ISBN number to be sure you have found the right one.

Amazon Book Store