New Faculty

New Faculty Teaching Kickoff Day

Tips and Resources for New Faculty

This page should make your first couple of weeks at UCCS less stressful and more productive. The items below have been organized according to when you will need the information and where to go for it.

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Essentials – Do these first!

HR Paperwork

  • Sign contract, take oath (required by Colorado constitution)
  • Get your Employee ID number that you will use on official forms from Human Resources

Faculty ID

Parking Permit

UCCS Computing ID and E-mail

  • Your UCCS Computing ID and e-mail account are automatically created when all of the HR paperwork has been processed
    • You will need this ID and password for logging into any campus computer, Canvas, and the MyUCCS Portal.
    • Visit to look up your account, change your password, test your account, etc.
  • Tenure-track faculty and instructors will be added to the online campus directory, but lecturers will not.
  • The IT Help Desk web site has instructions for network access, configuring email, hardware recommendations, etc.

Computer Access

  • If you have a startup package, the computer setup should be arranged with IT by the departmental administrative assistant.
  • If you don't have a computer in your office when you get here, come to the Faculty Resource Center in Columbine Hall 203 and use our PCs or Macs.


  • Contact your department administrative assistant.

Ordering Books

  • Order online through the MyUCCS Portal and then select Faculty Textbook Adoptions or call Sally Greene at 255-3846.

For the beginning of classes...

Preparing your syllabus:

Set the stage for success by creating a learner-centered syllabus.

  • Download the Learner Centered Syllabus Template or refer to The Course Syllabus: A Learning-centered Approach by Judith Grunert O'Brien, Barbara J. Millis, and Margaret W. Cohen.
  • You may check out the book from the Kraemer Family Library or the Faculty Resource Center.

Something to consider: Everyone using the campus lab printers must pay per page to print.

  • Please see the information about Pawprints (campus printing management system). Consider paperless grading (without a hard copy) within Blackboard or asking students to print their assignments double-sided which is the default printer setting in the labs. If faculty or staff members print in the labs, the cost will be charged to their department. Printers in faculty offices are supported by IT but supplies and paper are purchased by the department.
  • Photocopies using the department copier that takes a department-specific code assigned by the administrative assistant.
    • Orders for many pages or large documents can be placed through the Copy Center located in University Center.
    • You can e-mail your files to them as attachments to be printed and picked up later.
  • Use Canvas to post docs or pdf files and to collect assignments to avoid printing, copying, and handing out paper.

Canvas is the campus learning management system

See the FRC Canvas Support page for more information.

A couple of things to know about Canvas:

  • An empty course shell is created each semester for every section of every course listed in the official course inventory.
  • Log into Canvas with your UCCS email and password.
    • If you do not see any courses, you are not yet listed in the system as the instructor of record.
    • Check with your department administrative assistant.
    • If you have an urgent need to access your Canvas course, contact your LMS Advisor to be manually enrolled.

Instructional Technology

UCCS IT Helpdesk

For technical assistance with hardware, e-mail, UCCS campus network (wireless and VPN), or to order software with academic licensing, contact the

UCCS IT HelpDesk
El Pomar Center (under the clock tower)
Monday – Thursday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM or Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Smart Classrooms

  • Most campus classrooms are "smart", i.e., outfitted with a podium, computer, DVD player and ceiling mounted digital projector.
  • Determine which classrooms are smart using the IT Smart Classrooms site
  • To find the location of your classrooms, go to UCCS Course Search.
  • Technology and some smart classrooms in Dwire Hall and Engineering are supported by college IT staff instead of campus IT. For questions, call
    • College of Business IT (COBIT) at 719.255-4440
    • College of Engineering and Applied Science IT 719.255-3333.

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