Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ) Response Rates

Encouraging Higher Response Rates for Online FCQs

As of fall 2017 all University of Colorado Faculty Course Questionnaires will be administered online. The following resources examine the issues around response rates for online vs pencil-and-paper FCQs and offer suggestions for encouraging higher response rates.


Anecdote from David Anderson, Faculty Resource Center Director:

I and some of my colleagues in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry & Biochemistry have been using micro-incentives to encourage higher response rates. In my ~150-student Organic Chemistry course, for example, I give every student in class some extra credit points based on the response rate. (We cannot determine who has or has not completed the online FCQs, so the extra credit points have to be applied to all students.) Furthermore, I prorate the extra credit points to the response rate: ≥95% response earns 5 points, ≥94% earns 4 points, and so on. Over the last two years I have averaged about a 94% response rate. Given that I have roughly 1000 points overall in my course, this extra credit amounts to less than 0.5% of the total. Very few students' letter grades are affected by this. I understand that some faculty have concerns about giving extra credit points, but they certainly help with encouraging higher FCQ response rates.

Last updated January 12, 2020
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