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Program Benefits

  1. Explore "best-practice" pedagogies of teaching and learning in higher education that enhance student engagement and retention
  2. Foster faculty collaboration across the campus in discussions about the scholarship of teaching
  3. Encourage innovative and high impact teaching practices


Anyone who plans to teach or is already teaching a course at UCCS is eligible to apply including full time, part time, and honoraria faculty, and faculty with special appointments.

Personalized Learning

You will work with a mentor to create a personalized learning plan that capitalizes on your own learning preferences and professional goals for teaching in the classroom or online.

Certificate of Completion

Faculty must be awarded all digital badges toward the completion of a full program certificate. These badges and certificates can be shared electronically for your teaching portfolio and other professional networks. The Faculty Resource Center offers two certificate programs, the Teaching Online Certificate Program and the High Impact Teaching Program. To enroll, contact the Faculty Resource Center at frc@uccs.edu.

Teaching Online Certificate Program

This program is a structured, flexible program that provides multiple perspectives on best practices in designing, teaching, and engaging learners in an online course. The program is predicated on your unique interests and needs. This program allows you to work closely with a mentor to create an individualized learning plan, based on your own unique goals, as you explore a variety of topics from basic course design through online student engagement. Using Canvas, this program allows faculty to engage in online learning from a student perspective. You can expect to spend a total of 48 hours to earn this certificate.

  • Badge One: Online Course Design and Development (June 2 - August 1, 2020)
    This badge focuses on course design and guides you through developing course objectives, learning activities, and assessment items that are in alignment (a key outcome of the Quality Matters™ program). As you design a course for online delivery, you will develop an organizational structure for the online course in Canvas that facilitates student learning and engagement. You can expect to spend about 6-8 hours to complete each module.
  • Badge Two: Online Facilitation (February 3 – March 14, 2020 | September 29 - November 1, 2020)
    Faculty should have completed Badge One: Online Course Design and Development and have taught the online course at least once or have completed a Quality Matters review before enrolling in this program. You will learn about different online classroom management and facilitation strategies that promote engaging online learning experiences for students. In addition, you will apply online facilitation practices that create an environment for reflection, critical thinking, and collaboration. You can expect to spend about 4-6 hours to complete each module as you participate in discussions and team activities and design new activities and assignments for their own online courses.

Engaged Teaching Certificate Program

This certificate program is tailored to classroom or hybrid teaching and provides opportunities for faculty to discuss effective pedagogical techniques and interact with colleagues committed to student retention, engagement, and teaching to a new generation of students. You will explore different instructional practices through inquiry, experimentation, and reflection. As you participate in different professional development events and apply it to your teaching, you will earn badges toward a certificate of completion. You can expect to spend a total of 36-48 hours to earn this certificate.

  • Course Design Badge
    Working with an FRC instructional designer, you will submit your teaching philosophy, a syllabus that you currently use that adheres to a syllabus design rubric and measurable course objectives that align with assessments for a specific course you teach. You can expect it will take 10-15 hours to earn this badge.
  • Engaged Teaching Strategy Badge
    Attend at least 3 campus or nationally recognized teaching and learning conferences, webinars, workshops, or faculty-led teaching groups and explore at least one new teaching practice. For each event, submit a self-reflection on what you learned and how you can apply it to your teaching. To complete this badge, create an implementation plan to apply one of the teaching strategies to a course that you teach. It will take 10-15 hours to earn this badge.
  • Teaching Capstone Badge
    The Capstone Project will include your teaching philosophy, course syllabus, measurable course objectives aligned with assessments, personal reflections, and examples of how you implemented or plan to implement the new teaching strategy into a course and share your results with the campus.  It will take 15-20 hours to earn this badge

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