Faculty at Work

Recognizing UCCS faculty creating a culture of innovation in teaching

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Dr. Carmen Stavrositu


Imagine a classroom where...

Collaborative learning encourages students to tap into the strengths and skills of individual group members

Available media platforms are leveraged

Student groups develop health communication campaigns

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Jeff McGuirk, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Imagine a lab where students ...

Solve problems on their own and implement theory without instructor involvement

Are given ample time to struggle and work out a solution on their own

Build on each others strengths to solve the problem


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Eric Billmyer, Senior Instructor


Imagine a classroom where...

Geography students work with local organizations to address environmental issues

Gaming students program an App to assist people with learning disabilities

Landscape design students design and plant a garden at a homeless shelter

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Dr. Edward Gray, Philosophy department


Imagine a classroom where student research...

Relies on the cooperation and communication between students and the community

Is validated by multiple sources of discovery and knowledge

Is committed to a certain level of social action

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Dr. Patty Witkowsky - College of Education


Imagine a online course where...

The instructor welcomes you to class with clear instructions and a date for you to join the session.

Clear objectives are linked to the course activities and the course assessments

The instructor is fully "present" and active in the space and engaged in the learning

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Sue Davis, MSN, RN


Imagine a classroom where...

Nursing students view lectures as homework and in-class time is devoted to caring for a patient

A chemistry class views basic theory as homework and working in teams applies the theory in the classroom

Special education teachers view lectures before class and experience the multisensory learning that they will eventually use in their own classroom

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Dr. Steve Jennings


Imagine a classroom where...

  • A blind student can study the contours and terrain of any area

  • An architecture student creates a 3D model of a building that she has been drawing

  • Engineering students explore concepts in 3D and print out prototypes

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