children admiring a garden

Building Independence, Interdependence and Self-Esteem

The Preschool program promotes learning in all areas of development through individualized, small, and large group activities. Through play, children enhance their understanding of language, literacy, reading, math and science concepts, problem solving and social skills, as well as improving their gross and fine motor development.

By The Numbers

Ages:  3 - 5  years old 
Full time and part time available

Typical Younger Preschool Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:5
Typical Older Preschool Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:6
Typical Full Day Preschool Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:6

Full time and part time available

Year round and school year available

Typical Day

Arrival: Greeting children; free-choice time for individualized activities 

Circle Time: Listening to, discussing and participating in books read aloud; retelling favorite stories; finger plays, singing, and chanting rhymes.  

Learning Centers: Participating in language/literacy, writing, sensory and science exploration, block and dramatic play, sorting, counting, and art. 

Small Group Activities: Participating in hands-on bookmaking, gardening, cooking, science, and art projects.  

Music and Movement: Listening, singing, dancing and playing instruments.  

Outdoor Play: Participating in planting, watering, weeding, fertilizing and cultivating the "Children's Garden."  

Meal Times: Enjoying nutritious meals to develop healthy eating habits.

Rest Time and Quiet Activities: Napping, puzzles and books. 

Self-Help and Personal Care: Learning to serve meals and clean up; taking care of toileting needs, hand washing and personal hygiene.