“As a parent, we really appreciate the Family Development Center at UCCS, and we chose it because of the safety that it provides…. The very nurturing environment, and their dedication to getting the kids ready for preschool, our child is excelling here. He’s loved every classroom, he loves coming here every single day.” - Beth Alessio, Parent

“For the quality education he’s getting, it’s as affordable as any other place I’d find off campus, but having him just minutes away from me is really a good feature. It works great into our family schedule, it’s really convenient, we’ll ride the shuttle and he’ll walk across the street to the school with me, and he feels like he’s part of the University as well.” - Brooke Koenig, Parent

“As a student, it was wonderful to have my son over at the FDC, especially since I could actually watch him playing in the playground from the library.” - -Michael Reyes, Parent

“The Family Development Center at UCCS is exceptional. The minute you walk into the door, you’re greeted by friendly, warm, caring professionals that really take the initiative to do some real bonding with the parents and the kids they know the students' names. It’s just a real caring environment, and I think that the quality of care the students receive there is exceptional….” - Brad Bayer, Parent

“the FDC was a great choice because it was so close, so convenient, and also, it was something where I knew if school was closed here, I didn’t have to worry about that, so being on the same schedule as UCCS was very convenient.”-Michael Reyes, Parent