Work Requests

Work Requests are submitted by faculty/staff or campus community members of various departments to request work to be done in their respective areas.  To submit a new work request, check the status of an existing request, or get a cost estimate, login to the online work request system:



Frequently Asked Questions

Submit a Work Request for:

  • Custodial Services
    • Restrooms
    • Classrooms
    • Laboratories
    • Walkways
    • Snow/Ice mitigation, etc.
  • Maintenance Services
    • Event Services Support
    • Carpentry
    • Painting
    • Elevator services
    • Plumbing, heating ventilation & air conditioning (HVAC)
    • Routine maintenance & repair
    • Carpet repair
    • Furniture & office moves
    • Snow removal
    • Signs
    • Keys and Locks
  • Outdoor Services
    • Turf maintenance
    • Grounds maintenance
    • Landscaping
    • Exterior trash removal
    • Snow removal
    • Irrigation
    • Sign repair
    • Asphalt maintenance
  • Electrical
    • Street/parking/sidewalk/building lighting
    • Interior lighting
    • Electrical panels
    • Electrical outlets
    • Transformers
    • Emergency generators
    • Classroom clocks & various electrical devices
  • Materials, Acquisitions, and Distributions (Surplus)
    • Old furniture
    • New furniture
    • Computers/Printers

Follow this link to: Submit a Work Request


  • Go to the UCCS Website
  • Type "Submit Work Request" in the search engine located at the top of the homepage
  • Select "Work Request" from the search results and then click "Submit Work Request"

At the Work Request Page:

  • Log in with your UCCS Username and password.
  • Once logged in you will fill in all the pertinent information (all boxes in red are required), then click next.
  • On the next page, answer two quick questions (regarding if the problem affects your work or the work of others) then click next.
  • Review the information you inputted, then click submit.
  • Your work request has been submitted, you will get an email with your work request number.

Most general maintenance to repair anything that is already existing such as broken locks, broken windows, custodial, electrical outlets, lighting, wall floor ceilings, roof leaks in generally funded buildings are not chargeable.

Requests for signage, keys, rekey, and surplus items are chargeable. Some instances moving tables and chairs are chargeable if request takes place after normal facilities hours ie. evenings and weekends.

They are same except that a work request submitted by someone changes into a work order when we assign that work to our crew.

Speed Type is a number for the funding source which is needed for chargeable work requests (like signage, keys, rekey, surplus etc.) only. If you aren't sure if your request is chargeable please contact us at ext. 3313.

Emergency requests are those that must be attended to immediately to protect life, property, or safety - instances such as fire or flood.

For such urgent needs, contact Facilities at (719) 255-3313 or Public Safety at (719) 255-3111.

Maintenance is about maintaining or fixing up anything that is physically present whereas Construction is building or designing something new. So anything that involves constructions or renovations becomes a Construction project. For instance, fixing a broken outlet is a maintenance project but adding or replacing a new one will be a construction project.

  • Computer/Projector issues go to IT x3536
  • Reservations for rooms, tables, and chairs go to UC Scheduling x3664
  • Anything for Auxiliaries (Family Development Center, Housing, University Center, Department of Public Safety) goes to University Center x3450

When help is needed for an event there are several campus departments involved depending on the type of event.

  • For Auxiliary services related events, call UC Scheduling to reserve tables and chairs. The UC scheduler will submit a work request to facilities services online for transportation of tables and chairs to and from event site.
  • For events in general fund buildings, Westlawn and any non-auxiliary spaces, call Facilities at x3313.

If you are planning to move, please submit a work request and note your problem type as "Materials, Acquisitions and Distributions (Surplus)".  Also mention the location you are going from and to, a point of contact, reliable phone number along with preferred date/time in the description box. Facilities personnel will contact you to confirm it.

Desks and file cabinets need to be emptied into boxes and labeled. Facilities personnel do not pack your boxes.  If you are needing moving boxes, please submit a work request and the MAD (Surplus) team will try to accommodate your request.

Facilities Services is responsible for properly disposing of old computer units. We pick up your old computers, take them to the IT Department for “sanitizing”, and dispose of them according to state regulations for a small fee (approximately $5.00 per computer unit). This fee helps to cover the cost of transporting and storing these units at our offsite storage facility.

To dispose of old furniture and computers, all you have to do is submit a work request. Fill out all the information on the work order form (including a valid department speedtype) with problem type as “Materials, Acquisitions, and Distributions (Surplus)”; specify exactly what needs to be picked up and exactly where it is located, and within two weeks we will be on our way! If you have questions about the computer disposal process, feel free to call us at x3313.

If you are in need of another bookshelf, chair, or some sort of table or desk, you can also request these items through the work order system. Indicate the problem type as "Materials, Acquisitions, and Distributions (Surplus)"; and let us know exactly what you are looking for in the Description area. Make sure to include specific contact information. We will check to see if we have something like what is requested in storage or can make an appointment with you to travel to the offsite storage to search for the item.