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The Physical Plant department's primary responsibility is to service general fund buildings and properties. It is comprised of the service groups: Custodial, Outdoor Services, Electrical/Maintenance/HVAC/Plumbing and Materials, Acquisitions, & Distribution.  These groups are responsible for the buildings and grounds on the UCCS Campus.

Services Provided:

Fire Mitigation

Because natural landscaped areas are among the driest on campus, fire danger is an immediate concern. UCCS has cooperated with the city of Colorado Springs to mitigate fire danger by having the bluffs behind Alpine Village and the bluffs behind Campus Services Building under go fuel reduction while maintaining an attractive natural appearance. This makes it more difficult for fire to spread as the fuel is greatly reduced in these areas. For more information on the cities urban wildfire program, please visit the city website, Fire Wise.


If you have questions about the Work Request process, please call the UCCS Facilities Department at extension 3313 (contact Mikayla Greenfield regarding yearly training sessions).