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Austin Bluffs/Union Intersection


Cancer Survivor's Park

Project will create a new recreation area along Austin Bluffs Parkway dedicated to survivors of Cancer.
Donated in cooperation with the Bloch foundation

Project Architect
Colorado Architect Partnership (CAP)/Morey Bean

Construction Contractor
To be selected

Cancer Park Rendering
Project Specs


Project Status
Regents approved lease of 25 acres to Bloch Foundation
Design pending approval from UCCS, DRB, and Bloch Foundation
Construction scheduled to begin fall 2007


Cragmor Water Main Replacement Project

Project is to replace water main at Cragmor Hall
Project Specs

Sign in roster from mandatory meeting

Plan Holders list

Contractors Agreement




Bradley Excavating



09-051 Engineering Building Renovation Phase I

Project to partially renovate and upgrade the research and office wing (east wing) of the existing Engineering building.

Project Specs

Request for Qualifications

Parking map for mandatory meeting Monday, April 6, 2009 1:00 to 2:00 pm in University Center 309

Agenda from Meeting

Additional RFQ information

Floor Plans from meeting

Mandatory sign in Roster

Evaluation Matrix

Project Company: RMH GROUP Matrix


Heller Center Main House Rehabilitation. Phase I

Open to pre qualified vendors only.
Bid Documents


Addendum 1

Sign in roster

Bid Sheet


Company: Daniel Barry Construction


Heller Properties Rehabilitation

This project is to provide design and construction administration services for the rehabilitation of certain buildings on the UCCS campus known as the Heller Property.  A Heller Property Historical Structure Assessment located on our website at:  // has been completed and will be the basis for correction of some of the critical and serious deficiencies as defined in the assessment.  There are four facilities identified in the assessment requiring deficiency correction.  A priority for correction and rehabilitation has been set and construction documents will be developed based on this priority.
Project Specs

RFQ for Heller Properties Rehabilitation

Mandatory Sign In Roster

Heller Photos

Heller Center Master Plan

Heller Properties Rehabilitation Matrix


Questions:Q & A for Heller Properties Rehabilitation



Historic Assessment and Master Plan: Heller Property

Conduct an Historic Assessment of the Heller Property for development of a site master plan.
Project Architect:
Heller Ranch 1948
Project Specs

Historic Assessment and Master Plan: Heller Property RFP

Heller Grant Proposal

Project Budget

Mandatory Sign in Roster

SHF contact: Anne McCleave, 303-866-3536

Additional Pictures of the Heller Property

Heller Covenants

Consultant Agreement




Available in hard copy at commencement of the project:

"Intensive Cultural Resources Survey: Cragmor Campus, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado", by William R. Arbogast, Kim Carsell, Heather Gerhart, and Kim Kersey. Prepared for UCCS by William R. Arbogast, Principal Investigator, Colorado Permit 98-25, Colorado State Historical Fund Grant #98-02-026, March 25, 1999.


North Nevada Corridor Improvements


North Nevada Urban Renewal


Photo North Nevada Renewal Plan


Science Engineering Construction

Project will create a science and engineering complex, adjacent and connected to the existing engineering building. Significantly expanding the science and engineering capabilities of the campus.

Project Manager
Jacobs Engineering-David Metcalf

Project Architect
AR7 Architects

Gerald H. Phipps

LEED consultant
Architectural Energy Corporation

Commissioning Services Provider
TestMarcx Commissioning Services

Rendering ScienceEngineering
Project Specs


RFP-revised Commissioning Services (Cx)

Addendum to RFP Commissioning Services

Project Status
Architect selected
Gerald H. Phipps selected as CGMC
Project registered to become LEED certified
Leed consultant selected
Commissioning Services Selected
Groundbreaking held June 29, 2006, Site fencing July 2006
Design drawings are being completed-currently at Construction Bid
Construction completion projected for late spring 2009


09-064 Science Bldg. Hazardous Materials Removal

Asbestos abatement of the Science Building including floor tiles, mastic, duct sealant and transite; removal of regulated materials (bulbs, ballasts, lab drains) and partial demolition to accommodate remodeling
Project Specs

Ad for Bids

Lower Level duct layout - East

Upper Level duct layout -East

Upper Lower level duct layout - West

Sign in sheet

Science Classroom schedule Summer 09 Fall 09



Questions:Addendum 1 and questions

Company: Hazardous Waste Technology, Inc. Bid Tabulation form



Science Building Renovation

Project is to renovate existing Science Building within exterior walls. Includes lab, classroom and office space.

Project Architect: Anderson Mason Dale

Construction Contractor:
JE Dunn

Science Building
Project Specs

RFQ Publication

A/E Request for Qualifications

Sign in Roster for mandatory meeting


Current Science floor plans

Program Plan

roster for mandatory meeting

Questions and Responses:  

We were wondering who the Architect and MEP engineers were for the four classroom renovation in the lower level of the science building?

.Steve Hall, Architect was the architect and Schendt Engineering Corporation was the engineer on the classroom renovation project in the Science building.

Additional Questions and answers.pdf


Solar Panels - Recreation Center

Project is to provide a Design/Build of a solar thermal pool heating system for the Campus Recreation Center
Project Specs

Design/Build Document

RFP Publication on Bids

roster for Mandatory Meeting


Solar Panels Q & A

Rec Center Floor Plans

Project Consultant:

Noven Solar Incorp.


09-052 South Hall Phase I

This project is new construction on undeveloped property for an approximately 33,000 GSF classroom, office and health facility. It will be located on the UCCS campus in the area known as University Summit. The project will also include site analysis, site development and utility extensions to the site. A Program Plan is being developed but is not available at this time. However, it is anticipated that that the facility will house the UCCS Psychology department, UCCS Aging Center and potentially, in partnership, Peak Vista Community Health Center.

NOTE: This project is contingent upon receiving funding from an NIH grant.

Project Specs

Request for Qualifications

Parking map for mandatory meeting Friday, April 10th, 2009 2:00 to 3:00 pm in Campus Services Bldg. Conference Room 204

Mandatory Sign in Roster

Site Location

Agenda from Meeting

Additional RFQ information

South Hall Program Plan

Questions and Answers
For the Project
South Hall – Phase 1
In regards to your program for the South Hall Phase I project, we are interested in achieving a better understanding of the breakdown of your space as it relates to the classroom/education portions and what appears to be more clinical areas focused on psychology, the Aging Center and your proposed Peak Vista Community Health Center.

The Program Plan is now posted on our WEB site  It provides further description of the relationships through the “bubble” diagrams provided in the appendix.  These relationships are not final but do provide some indication of program intents.

Will independent healthcare-oriented clinical spaces exist as an integral or stand-alone part of the overall plan, or will your new space be primarily focused on classrooms and related teaching facilities? Any additional comments in regards to the actual use and breakdown of the % of building used for each [clinical/healthcare vs. higher education classroom facilities] as well as your view of their level of interdependence or independence from one another would be most helpful.

The Program Plan is now posted on our WEB site  It provides further description of the spaces and the relationships through the space listing and “bubble” diagrams provided in the appendix.  These relationships are not final but do provide some indication of program intents.

It was mentioned at the pre-submittal meeting last Friday that the Program Plan would be available on the 15th.  I’ve checked the web site – but do not see it posted.  Is it available? 

The Program Plan is now posted on the WEB site

Does the University wish to select sub-consultants with the architectural firm, or would the University prefer the architectural firm to submit a proposed sub-consultant team in the response? 

The architectural firm should select the sub-consultant team as part of your response.  The Owner will retain the right to request a change if appropriate reasons exist.

If the University would prefer the sub-consultants to be selected by the architectural firm and identified in the proposal, what sub-consultant services are required for the project?

This building will be new construction on an undeveloped site.  The architectural firm should choose consultants based on the program spaces, building type and site conditions. 

Will this be a CMGC project?  If so, at what stage will it become CMGC?

Yes, this will be a CM/GC project.  If we decide to move forward with the project we will start the selection process immediately.

Does the above listed project include any environmental hazards such as asbestos or lead abatement?

This is a new building.  There are no known hazards on the site.

Question: We have recently been alerted to a storm which may cause UCCS’ closure tomorrow.
If that occurs (hopefully not), what procedure shall we follow to ensure your receipt of our SOQ for UCCS’ South Hall Phase I?






Project Company: FINAL Matrix for Architect Selection


Summit Green Artificial Turf Project

Project is to install Artificial Turf at the Summit Village
Project Specs Documented Quote Publication

Questions: Summit Green Artificial Turf Q&A

Project Company: Performance Surfacing


Thin Film Photovoltaic System

Project is to find a qualified firm to provide a Design/Build installation of a thin film photovoltaic system for the Science Engineering building.
Project Specs


Design Build Document

Interconnection agreement

Sign in Roster for Meeting January 20, 2009

Questions: Questions and Answers

Vol Meeting Handout

Solar Studies

Approved Contractors


Amendments: Amendment #1
Project Company: Douglass Colony Group