2020 Faculty Dependents' Scholarship Program Application

For Children of Full-Time UCCS Faculty Members
Spring 2020


Please note:  Award amount will vary each year because available funds are split evenly between all eligible students. Actual scholarship amounts:

2005: $752
2006: $526
2007: $725
2008: $1,062
2009: $627
2010: $481
2011: $500
2012: $800
2013: $1,000
2014: $1,100
2015: $800
2016: $1,055
2017: $1,100
2018: $1,125

2019: $900



Please fill out this application completely and submit online no later than November 1, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria:

Established by Faculty Representative Assembly:

(a) Faculty member must be full-time at UCCS
(b) Recipient must be a dependent child.
(c) Recipient must be an undergraduate at CU-Boulder, CU-Denver, or UCCS.
(d) Recipient must be in good academic standing with the campus he/she is attending (not on academic probation).
(e) Recipient must be a high school graduate (or GED).
(f) Recipient can receive a maximum of eight (8) semesters of this scholarship.

Additional Information:

Questions? Contact Tam Doane x3349; tdoane@uccs.edu

Faculty Dependent Children's Scholarship Program
Office of Financial Aid/Student Employment
Cragmor Hall, Room 201




For each eligible student, please enter the dependent child's name, email address at school for correspondence, student ID number, and the CU Campus where he/she is enrolled:


Student 1:


Student 2:


Student 3: