Faculty Representative Assembly Meeting

October 13, 2006

Attendance: Tom Napierkowski, Bob Durham, Ron Fitz, Pamela Shockley, Sue Byerley, Judith rice Jones, Edwardo Portillos, Tom Zwirlein, Ceil Malek, David Moon, Dick Discenza, Radha Pyati, Al Schoffstall, Connie Staley, Chris Martinez, Glenda Reimer

Call to Order / Approval of Minutes:

Motion to approve the minutes from September 2006 by Bob Durham

Seconded by Glenda Reimer

Motion passed unanimously.

Reports of Visitors:

Pam Shockley:

Faculty are encouraged to attend the open faculty forum with the NCA accreditation team. The forum is tentatively scheduled on November 13th. Time and place will be announced as soon as it is known (NCA visit is November 12-14). The self study indicates that the campus has made progress since the last accreditation visit even with the budget crisis that we have faced in the last few years.

The Blue Ribbon Committee had its final meeting about 3 weeks ago. The commissioners came away with the sense that diversity is a core value at UCCS. There is still more work to do, however, and everyone is encouraged to participate in the strategic planning process that Kee Warner is leading for the entire campus.

The faculty salary committee has met twice so far this year and has made some progress. It is still too early for recommendations.

The Military Task Force Report and the response were released this morning. The task force investigated the complaints of two students who criticized the University's handling of their deployment. The task force did not find any examples of violations of UCCS policies, nor did they find any complaints at any of the military bases about UCCS. Several steps have been taken to clarify the communication process and the steps military students should take if they are deployed.

Brian Burnett has been appointed as the Associate Vice President for Administration for Foundation Relations. Brian will continue in his current role as Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance at the UCCS campus.

David Moon:
Dr. Moon discussed the upcoming NCA accreditation visit. He spoke about the role of faculty during the visit--what to expect and what might happen. Some faculty will get interviewed by the accreditation team, but it is not known who or when. The NCA self study is available at the library or online at: (//www.uccs.edu/~ncaport/SelfStudy/outline.htm). The study addresses the concerns raised during the last accreditation in 1997 and during a focus visit in 2002. It is advisable to read the parts of the study that pertain to your discipline as well as the conclusion which provides a good summary of the overall report. . Open forums with the NCA team will be scheduled for faculty, students and staff. The faculty forum is tentatively set for the afternoon of November 13. The time will be finalized nearer the time of the visit.

Peg Bacon:
The academic strategic plan will be coming to faculty assembly for input before moving on to the CCHE and the Regents.

As a result of the tenure report there will be some changes in tenure policies and procedures. There will be a Faculty Retreat on January 26 devoted to the tenure report and the role of faculty in the tenure process.

The Bachelor of Innovation will be voted on by the Board of regents in November. Soon the proposed PhD in Education will go to the Board of Regents for study.

Jerry Wilson:
Information Technology is implementing pay for print system in all IT run labs starting spring semester. Everyone including faculty will have to pay for printing. This has been approved by UBAC, the strategy team, the leadership team and student government. A fee has not yet been established. Other labs not maintained by IT may participate, but they will be required to purchase the same printers used by IT.

Officer Reports (system wide):

President's Report: attached

Vice President's Report:

No Report

Past President's Report:

No Report

Reports From Standing Committees:

EPUS: Report

EPUS is looking into the history of the academic honesty code at UCCS and considering whether changes are needed. Changes will be vetted by the Faculty Assembly.

The academic strategic plan will be forwarded to EPUS for approval.


No Report

Personnel and Benefits:


Minority Affairs Committee

Women's Committee

No Report

Academic Computing

The new web content management software will probably be up and running in the spring. Jerry Wilson has drafted a web policy which is part of web strategy plan. Emails for adjunct faculty do not always get into the directory. Personnel should be able to provide email addresses for these people. Meetings for the purchase of a new SIS system are underway in Denver.

Non Tenured Track Faculty

Minutes attached

Research Council

No Report


The library budget was increased 5% this year, however, inflation is about 7%. The library advisory committee would like to draft a letter to the Chancellor requesting an 8% increase and have the faculty assembly approve the letter.

The library received a $100,000 gift from the Kraemer Family for purchasing of materials on intergenerational issues. The library also received a $3000 grant from Hastings Moore for Humanities and English.

Teaching Excellence Committee

No Report

Sustainability Committee

Report attached

Athletic Department

No Report


So far there has been little expressed concern on campus about the new criteria for tenure related processes. The administration is listening to the faculty's response to the 30 or 40 recommendations that have come from the tenure report.

A ballot will go out today for the College of Business to elect two representatives for the assembly. So far there is no nominee from College of Education. There are three at large seats that are vacant. If you know of people who would be interested in filling these positions let us know.

A committee has been formed to conduct a search for a Vice Chancellor/Provost for Academic Affairs. The committee is asking for faculty input into what the requirements for this position. One suggestion that was discussed was that the position be elevated to provost as it is on other CU campuses. Attached is the draft of the position requirements and qualifications.


Peg Bacon is organizing a faculty retreat in January on developing faculty roles. All faculty should attend if they can.


Motion to adjourn the Faculty Assembly Meeting

Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 2.00 pm.