APRIL 14, 2000

Attendance: Richard Blade, Susan Taylor, John Pierce, Mary Beth Chambers, Venkat Reddy, Tom Zwirlein, Robert Carlson, Jenenne Nelson, Brenda Vallance, Gerald Oleszek, Don Morley, Mark Malone, Janeen Demi-Smith, Doris Carey, Kelli Klebe, Sam Milazzo


Richard Blade asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the March 10, 2000.

Moved Jenenne Nelson to approve the minutes from March 10, 2000.
Seconded by Tom Zwirlein

Motion passed unanimously.


VCAA report - John Pierce: Cleve McDaniel is out ill and is expected back on Monday. John Pierce reported that summer applications are up 3% and graduate degree applications are up 39%. The overall total for fall applications is up 7% with freshman applications up 12% and graduate degree applications up 2%.

A discussion started on Salary Enhancement, but was postponed until it is scheduled later in the meeting.

The School of Education Dean search has had three candidates on campus and one of those is coming back for a 2nd visit.

The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Multi Cultural Affairs search is also having one candidate return for a 2nd visit and will probably be making an offer in the next couple of days.

Concerning the reorganization of the VCAA Office, apply yourself or have other people apply for the positions. The Associate Vice Chancellor position is a combination of the two half time ones, and the others are structured primarily to give attention to the graduate school and to enhance communication with faculty.

Continuing Education is about decentralized with about 2 1/2 months to go. Most of the colleges are on board and we are working with LAS right now. There are a couple of technical issues to handle in regards to the registration and billing system. One possibility is to outsource it.

In regards to Unit Merit, we are going to do it. There are ongoing discussions with Regents as to what individuals in units do. Should Unit merit reflect achievements of a unit or individual goals within units. Work is being done with Deans concerning unit goals. The final run through is on Wednesday, April 19, 2000. A portion of the salary pool, 8%, goes to unit merit, which is roughly $42,000.


Richard Blade provided a handout. There was a discussion regarding the Administrative Performance Appraisal, which just took place. Richard Blade noted in his report that response to the APA was light with an approximate 16% return. He noted that this was hopefully a sign of relative satisfaction. Kelli Klebe added that maybe the 16% return could mean that people just don't care anymore. Others felt the time frame to complete the appraisal was too short and found the form to be very cumbersome. Suggestions to make the appraisal easier in the future continued.


Mark Malone provided a handout on the Salary Enhancement issue. A discussion followed on this handout.


  1. EPUS - No report
  2. Personnel and Benefits - This committee, at system level, is continuing to meet and is still trying to get a benefits officer for this campus noted Richard Blade.
  3. Budget - No report
  4. Minority Affairs - Handout
  5. Committee on Women - Handout
  6. Academic Computing Policy - motion to follow under New Business
  7. Non-Tenure Track Faculty - No report
  8. Library Advisory - No report
  9. Election Committee - Mark Malone - He advised that he is having problems recruiting people to run for office. Mark called for nominations and did not receive any.


Notice of motion from Richard Blade, Chair of the Academic Computing Policy Committee.

Meeting turned over to Mark Malone

Moved by Richard Blade:


The Academic Computing Policy Committee, with the concurrence and full support of Jerry Wilson, Interim Director of Computing Services, request that the Faculty Assembly adopt the following motion:

"Be it moved that all hardware support of faculty and staff personal computers on campus be outsourced. "

Seconded by Tom Zwirlein

Mark Malone asked for discussion on the motion and a discussion followed which brought out the following motion:

Moved by Don Morley to table the motion
Seconded by Bob Carlson

Mark Malone called for a vote on the motion to table motion #1:

All in favor -     9
Opposed -       1
Abstained -      0

Motion carries

The meeting was turned back over to Richard Blade.

Moved by Mark Malone


At such time as the Campus EPUS Committee approves "Campus-wide Core Goals for Undergraduates at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs" for a vote, the vote should be taken of all Faculty Members rather than by a vote of the Faculty Representative Assembly.

Seconded by Doris Carey

Discussion followed on this motion

Richard Blade put the motion up to vote

All in favor - 8
Opposed -   0
Abstained -  0

Motion passes unanimously




Richard Blade adjourned the meeting at 2:00pm.