Extended Studies

National Board Certified Teachers

National Board Candidacy and Certification This course is open to all teachers. Graduate Credit is offered by UCCS College of Education.

To learn more about National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, visit www.nbpts.org.
Teacher Leaders- Action Research: View syllabus | How to Enroll
Design and implement an action research project in a classroom, school and/or district. This independent study project starts with a focused and specific question about teaching and learning that will ultimately improve the quality of teaching and learning.
Reader Training (Spring semester ONLY): View syllabus | How to Enroll
Train new National Board Certified Teachers about effective coaching/reading techniques to support National Board Candidates through the certification process.
Facilitator Training (Spring semester ONLY): View syllabus | How to Enroll
Prepare and build competencies of National Board Certified Teachers to facilitate small groups of National Board candidates as they undergo the process of National Board Certification.
Certification Renewal Support (Spring semester ONLY): View syllabus | How to Enroll
Prepare for the National Board Certification Renewal Process.


Each participant enrolling for UCCS courses must:
  1. Apply/Register/Pay
  2. Submit coursework as indicated on the course syllabus

Earning UCCS Credit

  • Graduate credits or CEUs can be applied toward state licensure renewal
  • Graduate credits and CEUs can be applied toward in-district salary advancement in most districts
  • Graduate credits can be applied towards an advanced degree
    (UCCS cannot guarantee that another institution will accept transfer credits. Check with your academic advisor to determine if these credits can be used toward your advanced degree.)

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