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UCCS Diversity Summit- April 18, 2013

The UCCS Diversity Summit (2013) is a one-day, university-wide education event to highlight existing culturally responsive teaching and leadership practices and advance the integration of diversity and cultural awareness, knowledge and skills within student learning.

The summit will feature a keynote speaker, a series of breakout sessions and an engaging luncheon activity to promote collaboration. The educational content of the summit will encompass a broad view of inclusiveness, including the intersectionality of social and cultural background, social identity, ideology and ability.

P-12 teachers, administrators and faculty will gain specific knowledge and practical educational tools related to P-12 equity pedagogy, prejudice reduction and creating inclusive, empowering school climates for all students.

This course is offered by: UCCS College of Education, Counseling and Human Services.

Admission to Diversity Summit (2013) is FREE, pre-registration is required: www.uccs.edu/diversity.

UCCS Diversity Summit

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UCCS Campus: Berger Hall (map)

Credits: 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU), 10 clock hours

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Cost: $75
UCCS Instructors: Drs. Sylvia Martinez, Julaine Field and Rhonda Williams

Guest Speakers

Students will be exposed to a number of different speakers while attending the UCCS Diversity Summit.


  1. Attend the day long Diversity Summit on April 18, 2013
  2. Students will examine current issues in education related to intersectionality of social and cultural background, social identity ideology and ability.
  3. Students will examine best practices related to culturally responsive teaching, leadership and student services in K -12 students.
  4. Students will make specific connections (knowledge and skills) between what they learn at the Diversity Summit and their current work/position requirements at their school.
  5. Students will outline "next steps" for enhancing their own culturally responsive work.

Course Requirements

Students will:
  1. Read the syllabus for the UCCS Diversity Summit course.
  2. Attend the UCCS Diversity Summit on April 18, 2013.
  3. Write a 3-5 page reflection paper which addresses the following questions:
    1. Please describe three specific concepts/ideas/practices that you learned during the UCCS Diversity Summit.
    2. Please discuss how these concepts/ideas/practices relate to your current work at you respective school.
    3. What risks or new steps have you taken at your school (since April 18th) which represent the importance of these concepts/ideas/practices?
    4. Please provide concluding comments which describe your "next steps" to incorporate additional culturally responsive practices in your daily work.