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Thriving nonprofit organizations are an essential component of community well-being.

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management program provides the knowledge and skills to lead and manage nonprofits effectively. Aspiring nonprofit leaders will gain fundamental skills; those already in the field will expand their skills; and nonprofit board members will gain knowledge to enhance their capacity to govern.

Course Curriculum

A Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management consists of four required classes.
Required courses:
  • PAD 5110 Seminar on Nonprofit Management
  • PAD 5140 Nonprofit Financial Management
Plus two of the following:
  • PAD 5130 Collaboration across Sectors
  • PAD 5150 Understanding and Achieving Funding Diversity
  • PAD 5160 Nonprofit Boards and Executive Leadership
  • PAD 5170 Strategic Management for Nonprofit and Public Managers
  • PAD 5180 Social Entrepreneurship
  • PAD 5220 Human Resource Management in Public Service Organizations
  • PAD 5260 Managing in a Multicultural Society
  • PAD 5350 Program Evaluation
  • PAD 6115 Grant Writing

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