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The Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security was developed in collaboration with United States Northern Command (US NORTHCOM) and reflects their mission of homeland defense and support to civil authorities.

Course Description

The classes for the Undergraduate Certificate in Homeland Security examine homeland security and homeland defense in the context of the American system of government; provide students with an understanding of developing effective methods of deterring, preventing and defeating terrorist threats; and offer opportunities for analyzing the policies and practices of local first responders.

Course Curriculum

This undergraduate certificate consists of three classes.
These courses are designed to be taken in the order in which they appear below:
  • PAD/CJ 3400 Public Administration and Homeland Security
  • PAD/CJ 4400 Understanding Terrorism
  • PAD/CJ 4401 Introduction to First Responder Organizations
Successful completion of an Undergraduate Certificate requires receipt of a C or better in each course.

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