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Short Course: Space-Systems Engineering

This is non-credit course offered at the UCCS Campus.

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UCCS Campus: Columbine Hall 127 (map)
Six 2-hour Sessions

1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU), Training Certificate of Completion

Cost: $700

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Instructor: Dr. Cindi Schmitt

Course Description

Space-systems Engineering is a short course offering an introduction to the characteristics of space, and why it can be a complete challenge apart from other engineering disciplines. This course is recommended for space professionals managing projects and engineering designs, team members assigned component development tasks for system integration, and personnel involved with communications and logistical issues, before and after deployment.

For space projects, one will find familiar engineering products, such as a Systems Engineering Master Plan, Mission Assurance Plan, and public safety procedures.

Although these product categories are basic tenants for the engineering discipline, applying critical thinking and subsequent development of a space system, requires a certain mindset. Why? Because it is space.

For example, the environment for space operations is very different than the environment of a deep ocean. Both have critical parameters influencing materials, construction, communications, deployment, and retrieval. Both are harsh environments. Both have operating limitations. But one has better retrieval possibilities for a deployed product than the other.

The space environment is harsh. It is a final destination, repairs to a system once launched, are slim to none. Retrieval is prohibitively expensive. To get into this environment, the system must survive and be 100% functional when it reaches its destined placement. Project personnel must be specially trained beyond classical engineering studies, and be open to new learning opportunities. Project management personnel must have the mindset, flexibility, and foresight to steer a project through to success. The short course Space-systems Engineering, will provide the student with a fundamental understanding of the engineering challenges typical of a space environment.


  • Students will gain training beyond classical engineering studies to help steer a space project though to success
  • Students will gain a fundamental understanding of the engineering challenges typical of a space environment