Extended Studies

High School Program: MathOnline

About MathOnline

MathOnline courses are not just a series of web pages guiding students through material. Rather, the courses are identical to the high quality, traditional courses we deliver to our students on campus.

As a MathOnline student, you can participate real-time by receiving a simultaneous audio and whiteboard feed, and can also ask questions of the instructor in real-time. Or, you can access the course at your convenience through either a complete audio/whiteboard archive or video archive.

You will complete your homework on the same schedule as on-campus students, and submit it through email or fax. You must have arranged for an exam proctor at a convenient location for you by the time you are registering.

Visit MathOnline: www.uccs.edu/mathonline.


FALL 2015 Semester
August 24th-December 19th

SPRING 2016 Semester
January 19th-May 14th

MATH 1360 Calculus II (4 credit hours)
MATH 2150 Discrete Mathematics (3 credit hours)
MATH 2350 Calculus III (4 credit hours)
MATH 3130 Intro to Linear Algebra (3 credit hours)
MATH 3400 Intro to Differential Equations (3 credit hours)
MATH 3810 Intro to Probability and Stats (3 credit hours)
Coming soon

Student Eligibility

The MathOnline program is open to anyone meeting the educational background requirements for each course. The program is particularly well suited for the thousands of high school students throughout the country who have completed their high school mathematics courses before the senior year.

Students have transferred MathOnline course credits to Colorado institutions such as the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Colorado Denver, Colorado School of Mines, Denver University, and a number of additional top-tier institutions around the country.

ACT and SAT scores are not required to register for the MathOnline courses.


Students must obtain a textbook. There are no additional tuition costs for students living outside the state of Colorado.