Extended Studies

Admissions: Fill out UCCS Extended Studies Application

Fill out UCCS Extended Studies Application

  • Go to www.uccs.edu/apply
  • Select Extended Studies Application --- Online Application for Extended Studies
    UCCS Online Application
  • From the drop down menus, please select the following and click on "Apply for this program"
      Non-Degree Undergraduate Non-Degree
    Non-Degree High School Non-Credit
    Please select a career: Undergraduate Graduate Non-degree Undergraduate Non-credit
    Please select a program: Non-Degree UGRD Non-Degree GRAD Non-Degree UGRD Non-credit
    Please select a field of study: Select your field of study Graduate Non-Degree Non-Degree HS CU Succeed
    Non-Degree HS MathOnline
    Non-Degree HS PreCollegiate
    Non-Degree High School Student
    Non-Degree PLTW
    Non-Degree Undergraduate with < 60 credit hours
    Non-Degree Undergraduate with > 60 credit hours
    Please select an admit term: SPRING (mid-Jan to mid-May) || SUMMER (mid-May to mid-Aug) || FALL (mid-Aug to mid-Dec)
    Please select a student
    status, I am a:
    - Returning Student or New Student - -
  • Provide your information:
    Name, Personal Information, Permanent Address, Mailing Address, and Contact Information. Click "Save & Continue"
    Citizenship and Emergency Contact. Click "Save & Continue"
    Additional Questions and Criminal/Suspension History. Click "Save & Continue"
  • Upload necessary documents if you answered "YES" on the previous page for Criminal History or Suspension. Click "Next".
  • Verify that the information you provided is correct. Click "Submit Application".
  • Your application has been submitted! You may choose to "View Summary" to print your application or "Logout".
You will receive:
  • an e-mail with your UCCS Student ID. Please note: the automated e-mail may go to "junk mail," depending upon your e-mail filter set-up.
  • an automated e-mail that your UCCS student account has been created.
  • an e-mail stating your information matches an existing record. Campus Wide Extended Studies will contact you if additional information is needed to continue processing your application.

If you do not receive your e-mails within 15 minutes of submission, please contact Campus Wide Extended Studies at (719) 255-3498.