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Since 1998, over 200 engineering professionals and mission specialists from NASA Johnson Space Center and various aerospace companies have completed UCCS Masters Degrees in Space Operations. The program is truly one-of-a-kind, delivering high-quality instruction to meet the diverse needs of the aerospace industries.

Course Description

The Master of Engineering with a Focus in Space Operations is well suited for working professionals involved in civil, military, or commercial space operations, space systems requirements and design specifications, payload and mission support, and space systems analysis. The program is designed for those students desiring an in-depth technical program presenting the above subject areas.

Course Curriculum

Academic coursework: 10 Courses - 30 Hours
Students must take:
  • SPCE 5005/5009 - Engineering Analysis for Space Applications
  • SPCE 5025/5029 - Fundamentals of Astronautics
  • SPCE 5045/5049 - Space Mission Analysis
  • SPCE 5065/5069 - Spacecraft Environmental Interactions
  • SPCE 5085/5089 - Space Communications
  • SPCE 5105/5109 - Remote Sensing in Space
  • SPCE 5125/5129 - Spacecraft Dynamics
  • SPCE 5595/5599 - Space Mission Design
AND Choose two of the following:
  • SPCE 5605/5609 - Engineering Simulation
  • SPCE 5625-5629 - Global Positioning System
  • SPCE 5645/5649 - Space Policy
  • SPCE 5665/5669 - Systems Engineering Processes
  • SPCE 5685/5689 - Space Situational Awareness (coming soon)
  • SPCE 5705/5709 - Space Systems Engineering Management (coming soon)

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