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The Master of Engineering - Energy Engineering (ME EnE) is a practical graduate degree that focuses on the built environment and the energy it consumes. This program blends theory with application, aligning skills with industry needs in the 21st century.

The ME EnE is targeted toward working engineers and technical professionals seeking to enter the field of energy engineering. Graduates from this program will be taught to view buildings as machines. Only by understanding how the various systems operate at the fundamental level can full clarity of strategy exist - for this reason, the foundation of the curriculum is systems....how each works, how it behaves, the fundamentals behind it.

MEEM Program Goals

As an engineering function, findings will flow from knowing why things behave as they do to how to leverage the laws of nature to advantage. As an applied science function, recommendations will be specific, practical, detailed, and will be escorted by numbers that state savings and cost with good certainty.

Topics include:
  • HVAC design
  • automatic controls
  • energy systems and management
  • energy usage
  • alternative energy systems
Students complete the program by applying energy engineering to a real-world capstone project.

Course Curriculum

The ME EnE program is be completely available as an online/distance program. Please contact the program assistant for further details.

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