Extended Studies

High School Program: CU Succeed

Program Rules & Requirements for Teachers and Administrators

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs CU Succeed Program is designed to encourage qualified high school students to continue their studies at the high school level, in order to enter the university of their choice well-prepared for the college courses they will encounter.

Courses are taught in the high school by high school faculty whose education and experience are appropriate for an honorarium appointment in the appropriate department at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Specifically, they must possess a Master's degree in the subject they want to teach or a closely related field and appropriate teaching experience.

There is no salary paid by University of Colorado Colorado Springs to the teacher of a CU Succeed course.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs will pay the high school $5 per credit for each student who is enrolled in a CU Succeed course after the drop deadline. ( i.e. $20 for a 4 credit course )

Grading Procedures and Guidelines

  • The grade the student earns on her/his high school transcript for the high school course need not match the grade the student earns on her/his University of Colorado Colorado Springs transcript for the CU - Succeed course. In particular, a student may choose to Withdraw from a CU - Succeed course without withdrawing from the associated high school course.
  • The grade 'W' (for Withdraw) may be given to a student after the drop deadline (the last day for a student to disenroll) and before the withdraw deadline. No Withdraws are allowed after the withdraw deadline.
  • There are no Incomplete grades. Students who are still enrolled in the course after the withdraw deadline must be given a letter grade.
  • In most cases, students are officially enrolled in the CU course during Spring Semester.
    Exceptions include:
    1. Courses that begin and end within the Fall Semester (approx. August - December)
    2. Courses where two semesters of credit are awarded, i.e. Calculus BC, which includes credit for Calculus I in the Fall Semester and Calculus II in the Spring Semester, or General Physics, which may include credit for General Physics I in the Fall Semester and General Physics II in the Spring Semester
    Students will be notified by their teacher if their course includes a Fall Semester enrollment in addition to or instead of a Spring Semester enrollment.
  • Applicable for math courses:
    • At least 10%, and no more than 20%, of a student's grade will be determined by student performance on homework and other out-of-classroom assignments.
    • The remaining percentage of the student's grade will be determined by student performance on in-class exams. There will be in-class 'midterms' throughout the course, and a comprehensive final. The comprehensive final exam must count for at least 25%, but no more than 40%, of the student's course grade.