Extended Studies

High School Program: CU Succeed

Curriculum, Faculty, and Grading Policies

The courses have the same content as the on-campus university courses, require the same quantity and quality of work, and are evaluated by the same high standards.
CU Succeed program courses are taught by University-qualified high school teachers who hold an Honorarium Faculty Appointment in their appropriate discipline department at UCCS.
Grading Policies

Mathematics Courses
The grading policy for students enrolled in CU Succeed courses is virtually identical to the grading policy for students enrolled in all mathematics courses on the UCCS campus. The course must be taken for a letter grade. (The University employs a PLUS/MINUS grading system, where, for example, a B corresponds to 3.0 points on a 4.0 scale and a B+ corresponds to 3.3 points.)

Once enrolled in a CU Succeed course, a student has until the drop deadline to disenroll from the course without penalty. In this scenario, there will be no record of the course on the student's UCCS transcript. The student will receive a full refund. (The exception to this rule is for students enrolling in BC Calculus. There will be no opportunity to disenroll from the Calculus I portion of the course. A BC Calculus student may disenroll from the Calculus 2 portion of the course and receive a refund for the Calculus 2 portion if the disenroll is completed by the drop deadline.)

If a student chooses to do so, he/she may withdraw from a CU Succeed course on or before the withdraw deadline. The student's transcript will indicate a 'W' for the course. Such a mark does not count towards the student's grade point average. There is NO refund of the tuition in this scenario. (BC Calculus students may only withdraw from the Calculus 2 portion of the course).

If a student is still enrolled in a CU Succeed course past the officially posted Withdraw date, then the student will receive a grade for the course. Students who for any reason do not complete the appropriate course work will earn an 'F' on their transcript for the course. A student may disenroll or withdraw from a CU Succeed course without disenrolling or withdrawing from the corresponding high school course.

Other Subjects
Refer to your course syllabus regarding grading policies for all other CU Succeed courses that are not Math/Statistics course.

Grades earned in CU Succeed courses become a part of a student's University of Colorado academic record.
Therefore, it is extremely important that a student earn at least a 'C' grade in CU Succeed courses. A grade of C-minus or below could prevent a student from being admitted to any campus in the University of Colorado system, regardless of the student's high school GPA or college entrance exam scores, as a C- corresponds to a GPA of 1.70, and students must have a minimum of a 2.0 University GPA to be admitted to or remain in good standing at the University. STUDENTS WHO ARE AT RISK OF RECEIVING A GRADE LOWER THAN "C" SHOULD CONSIDER WITHDRAWING FROM THE COURSE PRIOR TO THE WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE!