Extended Studies

High School Program: CU Succeed

Transfer and Applicability of Credits

Credits earned in a CU Succeed course are regular University of Colorado Colorado Springs credits that are recorded on an official University of Colorado transcript. This transcript is identical to that issued to students on campus and does not specify that the course was taken off site.

Policies regarding the transfer of credits and the specific ways in which they apply to degree requirements vary from institution to institution. As such, no institution, including the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, can guarantee that its courses will in all cases be accepted by other institutions, or that these courses will satisfy degree requirements in every academic major.

Generally speaking, institutions that accept University of Colorado credits will accept the credits earned by completion of a CU Succeed course. However, some colleges and Universities will not accept courses for which a student also received high school credit and/or are taught exclusively for high school students. Consequently, it is in the best interest of the student to obtain information regarding transfer of credits from the college or university they plan to attend prior to enrolling in a CU Succeed course.

The following information should be given to representatives of other institutions when inquiring about transfer of credits earned by the successful completion of a CU Succeed course:
  • CU Succeed courses are regular university courses that appear in the University catalogue, not high school courses for which students receive university credit.
  • The courses are taught by UCCS honorarium faculty who are appointed by UCCS
  • The courses appear on an official University of Colorado transcript as do other courses of the University