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The College of Education at UCCS is pleased to offer the Online Principal Licensure/Master's Degree in Leadership in Education(P-12 education).

Course Description

This program is designed to:
  • Address the needs of adult learners by offering classes in an online environment, in which courses are divided into modules to allow learners to continue their educational goals without the physical restrictions of a traditional classroom setting.
  • Create a rich community of learners by progressing through the online program as a cohort.
  • Provide opportunities for motivated educators who want to advance their education and career opportunities without disrupting their full-time jobs.
  • Accommodate working adults by offering online classes that are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Assist educators in rural areas who have limited or no access to the UCCS campus.

Course Curriculum

Online students may choose to attain a Master of Arts in Leadership Education in addition to the Principal Licensure by taking an additional three courses, for a total of 42 credits.
Spring Semester
  • LEAD 5020 - Vision, Ethics and Leadership in a Democratic Society
  • LEAD 6040 - Developing Collaborative School Communities
Summer Semester
  • LEAD 5170 - Culturally Responsive Leadership
  • LEAD 5220 - Program Evaluation & Curriculum Assessment
  • LEAD 6400 - Legal Issues for School Leaders
  • LEAD 6140 - Supervision & Evaluation of Instruction
Fall Semester
  • LEAD 5070 - Human Resources Development
  • LEAD 6140 - Supervision & Evaluation of Instruction
  • LEAD 6400 - Legal Issues for School Leaders
Spring Semester Year 2
  • LEAD 6050 - Financing Schools & Programs
  • LEAD 6120 - Educational Politics in a Democratic Society
Summer Semester Year 2
  • LEAD 5450 - The Principalship
  • LEAD 6820 - Practicum in School Leadership: The Principalship
Additional Courses:
  • LEAD 5700 - Introduction to Research and Statistics (Online every semester)
  • LEAD 5600 - Social Foundations of Education Trends (Online only fall semester)
  • LEAD 7000 - Master's Research Lab (Online every semester; recommended for 3rd semester)

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