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The main objective of The College of Education Extended Studies Program is to increase campus capacity to respond to the region's educational, training, and professional development needs to support current students, potential students, community needs, and other regional and state clients.

Course Description

This Endorsement prepares teachers at all levels to enhance their teaching methodologies.

All courses are offered in a convenient online format and will transfer into our Online Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (32 credits).

Course Curriculum

This 26 credit hour endorsement prepares teachers at all levels to enhance their teaching methodologies in Gifted & Talented education. The Endorsement will require 3 credit hours of practicum work.
3 credit courses:
  • CURR 5201 - Foundations of Gifted Education
  • CURR 5206 - Creativity in Gifted Education
  • CURR 5211 - Curriculum Models and Aligned Programming for Gifted Students
  • CURR 5214 - Differentiated Instruction and Research-based Strategies for Teaching the Gifted
  • CURR 5215 - Gifted Program Leadership
  • CURR 5230 - Practicum
4 credit courses:
  • CURR 5202 - The Assessment & Identification of Gifted & Talented Students
  • CURR 5203 - The Psychology of the Gifted: Social & Emotional Needs & Special Populations
The final course is a 6-week, 40-hour practicum totaling 3 two-week modules. The first 2-week module of the course will include group discussions of the readings and the development and review of your mini-course. The last 2-week module of this course includes a supervised teaching experience with gifted and talented students as a base site or an alternative approved by the instructor.

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