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Our Distance MBA was established in 1996. Through the online MBA program, students who have Internet access may take MBA classes from anywhere in the world.

On-line classes are asynchronous, allowing students to complete their weekly coursework at a time that fits their schedule and still allows them to meet course deadlines. This convenience suits the needs of our highly mobile student population and ensures that student can complete their degree despite any changes in personal or professional circumstances.

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Distance MBA Fast Facts

  • 6 credit hours (two classes) is considered full-time
  • 3 credit hours (one course) is considered part-time
  • Average student enrolls for 3-6 credit hours
  • Take up to 5 years to complete your degree
  • Students not working full-time can complete MBA in as little as 4 semesters
  • Students working full-time average 2 1/2 years to completion

Course Curriculum

The UCCS MBA program consists of 36 to 48 credit hours of graduate coursework, depending on the student's previous academic background. Required coursework is a mix of foundation, core, and elective courses. Courses may be taken on campus, online or a combination of the two. All MBA courses are 3 semester hours each.

Foundation Courses

Core Courses

Areas of Emphasis

Students complete up to four (4) foundation courses as part of their MBA degree. Foundation courses may be waived based on prior academic work subject to certain age and grade requirements. In some cases foundation requirements may be satisfied by passing a waiver exam. Core courses make up the heart of the MBA Program and cover areas that are directly applicable in today's business world. The concepts in the following courses are the critical problem solving and decision making skills that will define and shape your Master of Business Administration degree. All students complete the seven (7) core courses as part of their MBA degree. The MBA degree requires a minimum of five (5) electives. You may choose to focus on a particular specialization or Area of Emphasis through your electives. In most cases, an Area of Emphasis requires three (3) or four (4) electives, leaving room in the degree plan for one (1) or two (2) electives from other disciplines.
0-12 Credit Hours 21 Credit Hours 15 Credit Hours
  • ACCT 5500/5590 Introduction to Accounting
  • BUAD 5500/5590 Fundamentals of Economics
  • BUAD 5600/5690 Business, Government & Society
  • QUAN 5500/5590 Fundamentals of Business Statistics
  • ACCT 6100/6190 Accounting for Decision Making
  • FNCE 6000/6090 Corporate Financial Management
  • INFS 6000/6090 Information Systems
  • MGMT 6000/6090 Leading & Managing in Changing Times
  • MKTG 6000/6090 Marketing Strategy
  • OPTM 6000/6090 Operations: Competing Through Capabilities
  • BUAD 6500/6590 Strategic Management
  • Accounting (on campus only)
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Health Care Administration
  • Innovation Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management (on campus only)
  • Project Management
  • Service Management (on campus only)
  • Space Systems Management

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