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This upper division degree completion option is designed for Allied Health practitioners who have completed a certificate program or Associate's Degree in an allied health profession and desire a Bachelor's degree for career advancement. Students who enter and successfully complete this degree will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Science with an option in Allied Health Completion.

Course Description

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science will prepare the graduate for improved professional practice and leadership in health related settings. The program includes a foundation in general education as well as a broad understanding of health care environments and delivery systems through the health science core curriculum.

Special Features of the Program

  • Students can choose a pace which best fits their needs. Full-time and part-time options are available.
  • The program is structured for the adult learner. Classes are scheduled at times convenient for the working professional as well as the traditional students.
  • The course of study integrates current knowledge in career-oriented curricula with advanced science and liberal arts education to prepare students for leadership roles in health related professions.
  • The student, along with academic advisors, will structure a program which best meets the career goals of the student. There is flexibility within the program to individualize the curricula.
  • There is an opportunity to apply previously earned college credits and/or credits from a hospital based approved certificate program to the BS degree.
  • The course of study provides an opportunity to expand technical expertise along with advanced educational experiences. Skills in management, health promotion, critical thinking and communication are developed.
  • Students are expected to have computer skills upon entering Beth-El. If not, students can take an introduction to computer course for 3 credits.