Resolution Processes


Resolution Processes

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Please review all policies, processes and procedures as applicable to OIE matters. Policies and Procedures

The OIE Process and Procedures is also intended to be UCCS’s “Campus Complaint Process and Procedures” pursuant to the University of Colorado Sexual Misconduct Policy. Specific information regarding investigation and adjudication procedures can be found in Section H of the OIE Process and Procedures.

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) is committed to conducting fair and unbiased investigations and providing equitable resolutions of allegations of sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment and related retaliation. The OIE investigators act as neutral, objective fact finders when investigating a complaint. When an individual has concerns about potential discrimination or harassment by a UCCS faculty member, staff member, student, or student employee, the OIE can address the conduct either through a formal investigation or via an informal resolution process (as described in more detail below). In each case, the OIE will explain which process is the most appropriate. Throughout either process, confidential resources are also available to provide support to either party as needed. Visit the Resources Tab for a list of available resources.

    Formal Investigation
    Informal Resolution