Reporting Options

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A report of sexual misconduct, protected class discrimination or harassment, or related retaliation may be pursued in different ways. Depending on the nature of the alleged conduct, a complainant or victim may pursue a criminal process, a university process, both processes, or neither process. A victim may also decline to notify authorities.

Reports, complaints and other information must be provided in good faith.  It is a violation of UCCS policy when a person knowingly or recklessly alleges a false complaint of sexual misconduct or provides false information during the course of an investigation, and violators may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion or termination of employment, as applicable.  This does not apply to reports made or information provided in good faith, even if the facts alleged in the report are not later substantiated.

Where to Report?

Report to the University

Office of Institutional Equity. The Office of Institutional Equity has the authority to address these complaints in a non-criminal context.

The UCCS process, used by the Office of Institutional Equity, is completely separate from the police and courts.

The Office of Institutional Equity will review the allegations and determine an appropriate course of action. Some cases can be handled informally and outside of the formal investigative process, although UCCS will not mediate cases of sexual violence even on a voluntary basis. For cases that result in an investigation, those investigations are conducted by individuals who have received specialized training in those types of investigations. In general, if the Office of Institutional Equity conducts an investigation into a complaint, the investigation will include interviews with the complainant and respondent, interviews with relevant witnesses, and the identification, solicitation and review of any documentation relevant to the investigation including available police reports. All investigations will be conducted in a prompt, thorough and impartial manner.

Confidential Assistance

To talk confidentially about a matter without reporting, contact the UCCS Counseling Center at 719-255-3265.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement. If the incident happened on campus, you may contact the UCCS Department of Public Safety at 719-255-3111. UCCS Police can assist you with reporting to other police agencies and with information regarding protection orders.

If the incident occurred off campus, you may contact the CSPD (Colorado Springs Police Department, Emergencies, 911; Other Police Services 719-444-7000 You may contact them directly, or may contact UCCS Police to ask for assistance.   El Paso County Sheriff Department, Emergencies, 911; Other Sheriff Services719-520-7333,

You may file separate reports with UCCS and law enforcement.

Community Resources

To access off-campus community resources regarding sexual assault and domestic/dating violence, contact TESSA (confidential) at 719-633-1462.

Medical Forensic/Evidence Exams (Sexual Assault Nurse Examinations)

To obtain a forensic/SANE exam, contact/visit Memorial Hospital, 1400 E. Boulder St., 719-365-5000.

Evidence Preservation

It is important to preserve evidence, even if you don't currently intend to pursue an investigation or file charges. Preserving evidence maintains your options for pursuing an investigation in the future. Evidence can include clothing, screenshots of social media posts or text messages, phone records, and forensic evidence.

Forensic evidence of sexual assaults can be obtained by receiving a Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE). SANE's can be obtained in Colorado Springs at Memorial Hospital, 1400 E. Boulder St. You can get a SANE without filing a police report or pursuing a criminal investigation. You should get an exam as soon as possible after an assault or suspected assault. Don't wait! Treatment after a sexual assault can be obtained for free at the UCCS Student Health Center (719-255-4444). However, the Student Health Center cannot do SANE kits or preserve forensic evidence.

General Healthcare Assistance

Wellness Center, 719-255-4444

Academic/Interim Remedies

Measures can be put in place after an occurrence of sexual misconduct or discrimination and harassment. These measures can include how to file for a protective order; help communicating with professors and academic systems; options for adjusting housing and living situations; changes to work schedules and living situations; changes in transportation; or visitation, access or activity restrictions, etc. For assistance with accommodations and interim remedies, please contact Amanda Allee, Ph.D., Title IX Coordinator, at 719-255-4324. Some remedies are also available confidentially. Please contact the Wellness Center at 719-255-4444 for information on confidential assistance.

What if alcohol and drugs were involved?

Because the school's primary concern is student safety, minor alcohol and drug violations by a complainant will be handled informally whenever possible. The complainant's use of alcohol or other drugs does not make the complainant at fault for being a victim of sexual violence.

To report a crime, or if you are in danger, contact  UCCS Public Safety: (719) 255-3111.

To report incidents of sexual misconduct, harassment, or discrimination, submit a report online to the Office of Institutional Equity or, call (719) 255-4324.

Students: To talk confidentially without reporting, contact the UCCS Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center:               (719) 255-4444.

To report a student in crisis, contact the Dean of Students: (719) 255-3091.

To access off-campus community resources, contact TESSA: (719) 633-1462.

UCCS Staff and Faculty may obtain confidential services through the Real Help Hotline: (833) 533-CHAT (2428).

To get a Sexual Assault Nurse Exam (SANE), visit the Memorial Hospital at 1400 E. Boulder St. You can get a SANE without filing a police report.