English students can do a paid or unpaid internship and earn three units of English elective credit after logging 120 hours at their internship site. Internships do not have to correspond to the academic calendar. That is, you can start your internship mid-semester or during the summer and still earn three units of credit once you have met the 120-hours requirement.

To have your internship approved, you will need to explain, and have your internship supervisor confirm via his or her signature, that your internship is providing you with applied experience that is connected to a professional field that you may want to pursue. The contract that you and your supervisor will sign must outline specific learning outcomes connected to your internship experience.

Go to this website to research internship opportunities: Click on the “Internships” tab. You may also do an internship with an organization that is not yet listed on the PLE website with instructor approval.

Once you have identified an internship of interest, please contact Dr. Mack ( for:

  1. Information about required paperwork that you and your internship supervisor will have to fill out
  2. Information about how to register for the internship credits through an independent study
  3. Details about the assignments—five journal entries over the course of the semester; a supervisor’s evaluation as well as tabulation and confirmation of hours interned; and, a final 2-3 page reflection about the internship—required for the course

If you have any questions or concerns, or simply want to brainstorm your internship options, please contact Dr. Mack to set up an appointment.