First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program

Overview of First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program

Rhetoric is a discipline in the humanities, one that examines diverse forms of persuasion across genres, cultures, and historical moments. Rhetoric is also an art, one that enables practitioners to communicate clearly and effectively in written and verbal modes.

English 1310 Outcomes and Overview

Under the new General Education curriculum effective Fall 2014, ENGL 1310 will remain the first core writing course taken by all students at the university. ENGL 1410, ENGL 2080, ENGL 2090, or INOV 2100 will remain the second writing course options across the university. Which one of the second-semester classes a student takes is determined by his or her discipline’s requirements.

English 1410 Outcomes and Overview

Rhetoric and Writing II focuses on academic inquiry and argument, building upon the basic analytical and rhetorical proficiencies learned in ENGL 1310. In ENGL 1410 students write in-depth researched arguments on substantive issues (each 1410 class is focused on a theme like the 60's, immigration, education food, mass media, and Disney, and students research an aspect of the larger theme).

English 1410 Themes

Please review this list of themes taught by individual instructors. If you are interested in a particular theme, or you want to know what theme you might encounter if you register for a course taught by a certain instructor, the list below should be helpful.

Placement Information

First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program Placement Information All undergraduate students must complete Compass Curriculum core writing requirements for graduation.

Placement FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Placement